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Custom Metal Fabrication has been actively involved with maintenance and repair of air flotation pulp dryers for 28 years. With our extensive experience in the pulp industry, we have developed a proprietary pulp dryer door that is widely used in pulp mills around the southeast.

In 1982, we designed the CM-25 pulp dryer door. Its all-aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware and insulated with lightweight fiberglass wool bats is rated to 1000oF (538oC).  The door is held closed with a high temperature extruded 50-durameter solid silicone seal rated for 500oF (260oC). This unique seal eliminates the need for mechanical latches, and prevents operators being subjected to hazardous conditions including live steam leaking through the seals, doors requiring excessive force to open/close, and condensate drip back on the product.

The door units are pre-hung in an aluminum frame to fit the width of the customer's equipment. The unit can be fabricated with one, two or three doors across the width of the roll. The first CM-25 door was installed in 1982 and is still in operation today! The only maintenance required to date was due to damage done by the elevator. The doors are guaranteed to reduce your maintenance cost and improve the safety and overall operability of the dryer.

The door units can be installed by our experienced team or we can provide a supervisor to oversee your employees or contractors complete the installation.

Our miniature door is available to demonstrate this unique, proprietary product. We'll gladly visit your site to illustrate its operation. 


Pulp Dryer Doors                                                    Miniature Door

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