EQUIPMENT GUARDS ___________________________________________________

For 29 years, Custom Metal Fabrication has been fabricating equipment guards for rotating equipment.  From belt guards to coupling guards to oil bath chain guards, we have the knowledge and expertise to upgrade your safety equipment to meet the OSHA 1910.217 and 219 requirements. 

Field measurements are taken to ensure a proper fit prior to beginning a guard's fabrication. When appropriate, we provide an expanded metal window for viewing the belt tension or to complete a visual examination of the coupling. Belt guards are typically fabricated in two pieces and flanged on all four sides. This allows the top section to be removed for belt adjustment or replacement without having to remove the entire guard assembly. 

Oil bath guards typically have two sections as well.  The upper section "slips" into the lower section to ensure containment of any oil that splashes or gets carried with the chain.

Most of the guards we fabricate are from 304 SS, although we can use carbon steel or aluminum. All guards come with hinges, bolts and latches. Custom Metal Fabrication can provide installation of the guard or instructions for the customer to handle the installation.

              Oil Bath Guard

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